I know only too well that having your photo taken can be less than pleasant - I believe that I can make it into a fun experience for you and your family!


My name is Simon Pearson and I specialise in capturing the essence of people through my camera. I pride myself on working with you to produce the shots that you want. I ensure plenty of time and photographs are taken so that the final result is natural rather than posed. I believe this combination will give you pictures you will be proud of.

My specialist subjects are people - I empathise especially well with children - and dogs. I have also covered events in a photojournalism / reportage style, which brings a fresh and natural feel to the images.

My partner, Sharon, is also a photographer and practised in make-up and design. She is involved in the planning and often attends the shoots. For event coverage, she will usually be taking photographs as well.

Together, we operate as a team, working to generate ideas which will ensure the final images capture the spirit of the subject.


We are also available for event coverage (e.g. dog shows, parties and rock gigs), pet portraits, weddings and other family occasions. Please contact us.