Please take some time to review some of the links below of people / organisations pearsos photographic recommends. Go on; have a look - you might find something pleasantly surprising...

Eclipse School for Photographic Studies

Based just outside Eastbourne, Mike runs very enjoyable and valuable courses on understanding light and the photographic process. What Mike doesn't know about making cracking pictures doesn't exist.

pearsos says: "I have spent some very valuable and enjoyable time with Mike and owe him a huge credit. I recommend him to anyone thinking of a photography course."

pearsos says: "This website design is the brainchild of Ed Tilsley of Dreamytime. He produced a very attractive showcase and client presentation tool for me. It's also easy to maintain! Maybe Ed can improve your web presentation...?"

paws4athought is a family run business based out of the Amman Valley near Ammanford in South Wales. They offer pet services to the surrounding area ranging from walking your Newfoundland to looking after your favourite bunny rabbit while you are away for a couple of days.

pearsos says: "Matt and Tracey are very friendly and offer a more personal alternative to leaving your dogs in kennels."

Sheridel Newfoundlands

Del and Hedd Richards have owned or bred a total of 11 UK Champions, 2 Irish Champions and 1 Canadian Champion along with a great number of other awards. Both Del and Hedd judge the Newfoundland breed at Championship Show level.

pearsos says: "Del and Hedd are very friendly and I'm sure would be delighted to give you the low-down on welcoming a Newfie into your family, should you be considering one."

Instant Species - Huddersfield's very own Off-the-Wall Indie Popsters providing crackingly tasty pop songs to the masses.

pearsos says: "I went to see Instant Species at the Kings Head in Fulham to take the gig photos. What a cracking band they are! If you like your rock with lots of energy and a distinctive alternative Brit feel to it, you can do far worse! As yet unsigned (how?!), they are working towards that deal... You can download sample MP3s or order a CD from their catalogue at their website."

The Instant Species website