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Two of the magnificent Sheridel Newfies - Jazz on left
dog control
Medi cleans Bronwyn
Merlin at 11 weeks

Sheridel Newfoundlands

Ffion & Kayleigh
boat dog, Coral Bay

"that's not how you do it; listen!"
Baggy relaxes
Malvern '02 - Jolakada pack
Branwen & Ebony

Landseer at Wellington '02
Sheridel Newfies in action!
controlling your human
happiness is a furry friend

George expresses himself - Wellington '02
I'll just guard this spot, eh?
Kayleigh-bear in the snow
Emma the Landseer

Snuffles with a -ve IQ
the lovely Bronwyn & Medi
one of Cindy & Steve Walker's @ Malvern '02
the very placid Dexter



Dexter, Bailey & Guinness belong to the lovely Matt & Tracey
from paws4athought pet services in South Wales.

Portfolio - pets

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